[CT Birds] Greenwich Audubon Hawk Watch Festival

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Fri Sep 18 18:18:47 EDT 2009

Hi All,

After a slow day today with just a late Broad-winged Hawk push things look all set for the possibility of a good day tomorrow at Quaker Ridge. If you haven't yet seen a large Broad-winged Hawk flight then I really suggest you get down this weekend (particularly Saturday) and check out what's going on. Basically the window is very small for the Broadies and the couple of very poor flight days leads one to suspect that the weekend could have a good movement. I know a lot of people here like to get along to Lighthouse Point (and it's a great place to watch other hawks and passerines) but you just are not going to see that Broad-winged phenomenon there. 

There will be loads of stuff to check out on the day including optic stands and the 'Green Faire'. The store here has loads of great items for birders and the there will be good food, face painting, bird walks (by myself http://sunrisebirding.com/walks.htm ) amongst many other things. NW winds overnight should also bring a good movement of passerines and recent highlights include any number of Lincoln's Sparrows as well as a good mix of warblers on site - although nothing rarer than a Nashville thus far.
It's been great to put a few names to faces at Quaker Ridge. I hope to see a few more new and familiar faces over the weekend.

Luke Tiller, Wilton

Details here: http://greenwich.audubon.org/Programs_SpecialEvents.html 

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