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Hello Again and Oops,
Sorry, I guess I hit the wrong key and sent that message when half finished.Reminiscent of another of my famous goofs last spring.
Flight of Friday, September 18.                  Total -  Broadwing- Bald Eagle
Botsford Hill - Bridgewater -Town Line Road-306       294            2
ChestnutHill - Litchfield - Camp Dutton Road-294      285
Johnnycake Mountain - Burlington               300       283            2
Middle School - Torrington                          429       418
White Memorial - Litchfield                         198       196
For Quaker Ridge, at the National Audubon Sanctuary in Greenwich, which is the Broadwing hot spot, see Luke Tiller's  letter here and go to www.hawkcount.org for a full picture. Our inland Broadwings will USUALLY  be passing to the southwest and over or near the Quaker Ridge site. 
Neil Currie 


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