[CT Birds] Cape May and others

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Sat Sep 19 19:49:52 EDT 2009

>From Jamie Meyers:
9/19 - New London, CT College Arboretum - CAPE MAY WARBLER in nice flock of mixed songbirds around 8:45 AM in sunlight-bathed trees north of the pond.
Sprague, Baltic Reservoir - WORM-EATING WARBLER low in brush along the western path leading down to the water.  Seems a touch late for this species to me.

Personal commitments and other interests have kept me out of the field lately and it was good to get back today.  My first stop was Salt Meadow Unit in Westbrook.  As soon as the sun hit the trees near the main building, a decent group of birds began feeding.  Off the top of my head I'd guess there were eight - ten warbler species present.  Most places I visited today were dead unless there was lots of sunlight stirring bugs up and protection from the wind.

An added bonus was my life Leonard's Skipper seen in the powerline cut off US 6 across the street from a commuter lot in Chaplain.  My 100th life butterfly!

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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