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9/20, Roosevelt Forest in Stratford (5-dusk)-  I got out of class a bit early, so I took a hike all around Roosevelt forest.  It was dead everywhere (other than wood and pickerel frogs) except an area near one bridge over a brook in the west end of the forest.  All birds were there.   4 Wood, 2 Hermit and 1 Swainson's thrushes, 2 Towhees, a few Waxwings and a female Pileated woodpecker.   -Brian Webster-

It is my understanding - from having driven over to check out Roosevelt Forest in Stratford myself - that ONLY Stratford residents with the proper sticker on their cars are permitted into Roosevelt Forest.  I went there once after work this spring to check the location out, and I noticed many signs posted presumably by the town as I drove in and they indicated large fines for non-resident use and even resident use w/ the proper sticker on their car.  If what I saw is in fact the policy of the Town of Stratford, I think folks who live some distance from Stratford and who see postings from Roosevelt Forest in Stratfore and would like to go there need to be aware that they cannot legally enter that park.  

Can you comment on that, Brian?

Gary Prestash
Hamden, CT

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