[CT Birds] Hawk in shopping center

Gary Prestash gprestash28 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 22 18:47:14 EDT 2009

I had to stop and pick some things up after work today, and as I pulled into the parking lot on Dixwell Ave in Hamden, I had a rather small raptor fly right across my car and up onto a metal light pole.  It happened so fast and I had to watch the car in front of me that I could not get any ID at all on it, other than it was small and certainly not the orange and grey color of a kestrel.  When I parked my car, I saw that it was on a light pole in the parking lot section for a fast food restaurant, and after going into the store I needed to go to, I drove over to that section of the parking lot but there are severl tall trees, still well covered in leaves and I couldn't find a spot where I could stop the car and get out for a better look.  When I pulled away, he/she was still sitting on top of that light pole in the parking lot for Taco Bell.  If you are on Dixwell Ave and pull into the shopping center using the entrance between MacDonalds and Taco Bell, you can look for the raptor on the left in the Taco Bell parking section.

Gary Prestash

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