[CT Birds] Sora behavior

Jim Dugan jdugan11 at charter.net
Tue Sep 22 22:03:48 EDT 2009

This evening. 09/22/09, my brother Patrick & I observed the following  
Sora behavior at Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Stamford. We  
believe it is likely to be the same bird seen daily at the same  
location since at least Saturday AM.

6:10PM momentary splashing heard in phragmites
   sound believed to be Sora dunk washing
6:15PM Sora Rail observed preening in phrag at waters edge near  
location of sound
6:25PM bathing in water
6:40PM bathing again, both times less than 1 minute
   intermittent preening continued
6:45PM Sora climbs up phrag stalks rather quickly
  at approximately five feet high well within one minute
6:49PM Sora climbs down and slightly deeper in cover to roughly four  
feet high
6:52PM Sunset
7:18PM bird observed closing eyes regularly for up to three seconds
7:19PM Civil Twilight
7:22PM lost visible light to distinguish bird in cover
7:27PM never saw bird leave perch and probably would have with  
existing back lighting from a man made source
No feeding was observed
No vocalizations were heard
90% cloud cover 68 degrees F
air relatively still
Attempt will be made predawn to see if bird is in same location.
No information on this behavior was found in Bent and several other  
online or print sources, not to say an exhaustive search was done.
If anyone is aware of this possible roosting behavior - do tell.

Jim Dugan & Patrick Dugan
New Milford & Stamford

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