[CT Birds] Cove Sora update

jim at worldpeace.org jim at worldpeace.org
Wed Sep 23 09:31:19 EDT 2009

I got to Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary at 5:30AM and started scoping  
the tops of the phragmites looking for movement, as it was still very  
dark. Patrick arrived shortly after and started scanning in the phrag  
at the area we observed the bird last evening. Neither of us located  
it in the location seen at dark last night, but found the bird  
feeding at the edge of the pond at 6:44AM at 20 feet south of the  
phrag stand. I now ask all of us when watching a Sora near dusk to  
stick around and see what the bird does. Actively feeding Sora also  
observed by David Winston & Brenda Inskeep.

Thank you,
Jim & Patrick

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