[CT Birds] Migration Waves in Goshen

Kfinnan at aol.com Kfinnan at aol.com
Fri Sep 25 09:11:11 EDT 2009

After a long business trip, I took some time out to view the migration,  
this morning, and it has been pretty massive.  Over about and  
hour-and-a-half, 7 - 8:30, there were more than 1500 Blue Jays, 300  Warblers, 250 Canada 
Geese, a dozen Juncos and another dozen White-throated  Sparrows.  There were 
only a couple each SS and straggler BW Hawks.   Warblers comprised a broad 
mix but were mostly Yellow-rumps and  one, first-fall Cape May.
When I first moved to the West Goshen / Woodridge Lake area, I thought it  
was in a mini-flyway but am, lately, more convinced it's a full-blown,  
migration main drag.  I see I have something to do when I retire but,  
unfortunately, can't put the time in now to count.  Blue Jay numbers are  
consistently large.  They were flying to the SW, presumably headed  toward Quaker 
Ridge--I would like to see how many are seen there, today.   Geese were headed 
due-south.  I haven't really counted, before,  but the Warbler figures are 
unprecedented at this location and remind me of Paul  Carrier's observations 
not far away in Harwinton.  They were  all moving to the west and, often, 
NW--seemingly in contradiction to the  wind conditions.  This looks like the 
sort of day during which birds will  probably be on the move all day.
Kevin Finnan

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