[CT Birds] Stratford sightings

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 25 09:26:47 EDT 2009

9/25, Stratford yard, Flood Middle school field and assoc. edges-
I went for a quick walk and picked up a few things.
(2) Yellow-rumped warblers
(1) Broad-winged Hawk
(6) Savannah Sparrows
(4) Killdeer
(1) RT Hummer
The hummer is my first in my yard since 9/18.  I had one Savannah chirping a top a neighboring roof, which prompted me to check the field across the street because there were often semi-large flocks of Savannahs there last fall.  Sure enough, there were 5 more feeding along on of the dirt infields.
The Broad-wing was pretty high up, all by his lonesome.
Though absent this morning (I think they found something better on the helipad/lawn at Sikorsky), the daily Canada geese flock seen in the morning has been gradually rising in numbers from a low of 8, to a high of 32.  This also shows me a sign of fall, because soon there will be hundreds of geese on the near-by golf course.
I also saw another (the same) River Otter in Peck's Mill Pond in Stratford a couple evenings ago.  I did a bit of research and found out they can travel upwards of 2-3 miles on land to find their next spot.  I've been trying to figure out if this guy 1, has a friend... 2, is using the pond as a food source or a home... and 3, is he travels between the pond and the very close by Housatonic.
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