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Fri Sep 25 13:56:44 EDT 2009

Today, Friday Sept 25 I took a quick trip up to Johnnycake Mt to see if Hawks were flying. From 9 to 11, I had a few single BWs, but at 10:10
 I counted over 100 Broadwings coming high overhead in single file spread out muchly. They would have not been seen cept for some cumulus clouds directly above me. How many got through not seen?

At 10:50 I spotted due east coming up over the ridge of trees at a distance, one large hawk in with two smaller broadwings. When they began spiraling, I knew the larger bird was a Swainson's hawk from its unique shape. They topped off and headed straight towards us.

When they arrived overhead, the three began to spirel once again, and the suspect hawk was indeed an ImSWAINSON'S HAWK. i made a sketch and have sent it on to Greg Hanisek.

Also seen were many Sparrows in the weed bank near us. 

Many Songs, 1 Lincoln's, 2 White-throated, many Chippers,
 5 Savannah, and a big headed sparrow flew out  - no ID. 

Paul Carrier

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