[CT Birds] Stamford, Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary-Black Phoebe?????

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Fri Sep 25 16:39:32 EDT 2009

While waiting for the Sora to peak its head out I noticed a phoebe- 
like bird sitting on a branch of a small tree. I got terrific looks  
with my binoculars but when I moved in closer to take a photo the book  
took to the wing towards the parking lot. Attempts to relocate it were  
This bird was black with a white belly. The throat was all black. It  
had somewhat of a crest. It raised its tail very high when it did the  
phoebe tail motion.
-I ruled out Eastern Kingbird-no white throat or tail tip
-I ruled out Eastern Phoebe-no yellow belly or white throat, also the  
bird I saw was black
-I ruled out all the Empids-No defined wing bars, not small enough-the  
bird I saw just didn't look like an empid

I searched through my field guide for anything that could come close  
but found nothing outside of flycatchers.
After looking at some images of Black Phoebes on the internet I found  
that some looked exactly like the bird I saw.
There were Eastern Phoebes present as well but this bird was  
definitely different. I have seen Eastern Phoebes way more times than  
I can count. This bird was different from any Eastern I have ever seen.

Has Black Phoebe ever been seen in CT???? Is this even possible or am  
I going insane?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Alex Burdo

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