[CT Birds] 9/25 3 hours at Hammo hawk watching

Mark Szantyr birddog55 at charter.net
Sat Sep 26 08:43:41 EDT 2009

Three hours at Hammonassett, 11:00 till about 2pm

Broad-winged Hawk 8
Red-shouldered Hawk 2
Red-Tailed Hawk 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk 38
Cooper's Hawk 12
Peregrine Falcon 2
Merlin   16
American Kestrel 26
Bald Eagle 1 1Y
Northern Harrier 7

Mark S. Szantyr
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9/25 - East Shore Park, New Haven

To add my 2 cents worth (actually about 14 cents worth when compared to the 
Lighthouse count) to a huge flight of hawks:
Sharpshins - 178
Broadwings - 197
Cooper's Hawks - 15
N. Harriers - 3
Redtails - 2
Peregrines - 2
Turkey Vultures -8
Osprey - 1,
American kestrel - 6 Totals: 412

Stong northerly winds obviously kept most of the hawks the two miles to the 
south at LIghthouse. East Shore remains for me an also great place to watch 
for migrating hawks. In addition to the totals the differences for some of 
the species is interesting. For example I saw no Bald Eagles and only one 
Osprey. Neil Currie

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