[CT Birds] Stamford YB CHAT, Sora redux

Jim Dugan jdugan11 at charter.net
Sat Sep 26 13:22:04 EDT 2009

09/26/09 - Stamford, Cove Island W.S. -- YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT
Also: 2 Brown Thrasher, fly over American Pipit, Swainson's Thrush,
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, 7+ Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Towhee
Patrick Dugan & the Sat. Morning Cove Island Birding Group 7:30AM

A little more on the recent Cove Island Sora:
In short, bird observed over next 2 evenings and not seen up in  
9/22 -
observed 4' up in phragmites at dark as posted (phrag in N.E. pond  
9/23 -
6:14 PM bird seeks cover in grasses with fly over Peregrine
6:42 out of cover to 1' into pond, body still, only head movements,  
12 minutes
6:55 PM moves south to 8" into pond, again body held still, 5 minutes
7:01 PM flew to west side of pond and not relocated that evening
9/24 -
6:52 PM located bathing and preening at base of phragmites stand
7:04 PM disappears walking on ground further into phragmites
- believed Sora not seen since, presumed left with overnight front.

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