[CT Birds] Long Beach, Stratford- Nelson's Sparrow plus

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Sat Sep 26 16:34:05 EDT 2009

Long Beach, Stratford
American Golden-Plover (1)
Nelson's Sparrow  (2)
The Nelson's Sparrows were way down beyond the 2 cedar trees which grow on  
the dune. The birds were on the marsh side, feeding in the Spartina  
alterniflora.  It required "spishing to bring them up into view. 
An interesting sidelight: Near the small parking lot by the truck road into 
 the McKinney NWR on Long Beach Boulevard, a group of American Crows were 
chasing  on odd crow, which I am not 100% sure was another American Crow That 
bird was  American Crow like, but the primaries and secondaries on both 
wing surfaces were  pure white, with the exception of a bit of black along the 
main feather  shafts.  The coverts were black, as was the body and head. 
I think that it was probably a partially albinistic or leucistic  American 
Crow, but the other crows were harassing it so badly that I thought at  the 
time that it may have been  some kind of escaped corvid of a different  
species entirely. 
The white-winged bird finally took off in another direction and escaped  
further harassment.
Charlie Barnard

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