[CT Birds] Sunrise Birding Walk - Wilton

streatham2003 at aol.com streatham2003 at aol.com
Sun Sep 27 22:37:16 EDT 2009

Hi All,

Thought I'd just belatedly put in a report from Allen's this Saturday. A nice day with a great group of birders and a lot of birding action. Savannah Sparrows were abundant but nothing special seemed to be mixed in with them. Highlights bird wise included a Philadelphia Vireo which was eating a yellow caterpillar that seemed about half its size and required much beating against a nearby branch which even allowed me to get the bird in the scope for the group. It also allowed a good discussion of Philly Vireo ID which is more challenging than many birders seem to assume- nice article here: http://creagrus.home.montereybay.com/ID-WAVIvPHVI.html other nice birds included a flyover Peregrine, 1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a Swainson's Thrush. 

Luke Tiller, Wilton
Allen's Meadows

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