[CT Birds] Roosevelt Forest, Stratford

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 28 16:38:51 EDT 2009

9/28, Roosevelt Forest, Stratford (8:50a-12:00p)-
Nice birding today until about 11:15a when the forest became rather dead.  Almost every single time I heard a titmouse or chickadee, warblers/vireos were in the mix.
(1) Northern Parula (1st fall... I think female... no breast band)
(4) Pine Warblers (1 adult male, 3 1st year)
(6) Blackburnian Warblers (1 ad. female, 1 ad. male, 4 1st fall)
(1) Black-throated Blue Warbler (adult male)
(3) Black-throated Green Warblers (2 1st fall females, 1 ad.)
(1) Magnolia Warbler (1st fall female... tough one to ID!)
(2) Black-and-white Warblers (both adults)
(1) Blackpoll Warbler (fall adult)
(1) unidentified warbler**
(3) Brown Creepers
(1) Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
(1) Wood Thrush
(1) non-breeding male Scarlet Tanager
(1) juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk (almost always in the same area)
(150+) Common Grackles in the treetops in one section of the forest
** My unidentified warbler had a light yellow wash on the throat and undersides, with an ever-so-slight smudge of buff or brown/grey on the flanks... from some angles it almost seemed to connect at the breat as a band.  The belly was lighter, more of an off-white than blah yellow.  Distinct white wingbars, dark legs, rather sharp bill, somewhat of a weak eyeline, couldn't see the undertail coverts.  The over all above color was rather drab... tough to tell in the lighting, but I'd say an oliveish-tannish.  No streaks on the nape/mantle, just really smudgy vertical lines.... barely visible in most angles.
Any ideas??  I was thinking either 1st fall Blackpoll or Bay-breasted.... but I really do not know.  I'm not willing to call it anything, but I'm interested to see what my description brings to mind.

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