[CT Birds] Big day at the LHP Hawk Count

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Mon Sep 28 21:35:42 EDT 2009

After the amazing day Dana Campbell, the official counter, and  her friends 
had last Friday, I did a little research on the Hawk Count  site  (it's 
finally back on line, though still a little  balky).
The counts for Friday, 9/25/09 were:
2835 total birds for the day
16 Turkey Vultures
42 Osprey
15 Bald Eagles (5 Adult, 10  Juvenile)
18 Northern Harriers
1,082 Sharp-shinned Hawks
141 Cooper's  Hawks
7 Red-shouldered Hawks
1,379 Broad-winged Hawks (many kettles  forming all around us from 10 a.m. 
1 p.m.)
7 Red-tailed Hawks
106  American Kestrels
13 Merlins
3 Peregrine Falcons
2 Unidentified  Accipiters
4 Unidentified Raptors
The highest count I found for this century was 9/19/2004 with  totals of:
2116 total birds, 1320 Broadwings. 
I had to go back to 10/2/94  to find totals exceeding  Friday's, with 
totals of -3132- for the day with 1609 Broad-wings, 787  Sharp-shinned Hawks, and 
397 American Kestrels.  On 9/15 of that year they  had 2722 for the day 
with -2130- Broad-wings, 223 Sharp-shins, 119 Am . Kestrels  and 144 Osprey. 
Yearly total was 22,366.  The 2 years after that the total  was only 12000 
9/19/93 total was 2943 and 9/20/93 total was an amazing 5612  with 4840 
Broad-wings.  That day must have been unbelievable.  Total  for that year was 
Congratulations to Dana for the biggest day in 15  years!
Don Morgan

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