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Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 29 08:57:26 EDT 2009

9/29, Flood Middle School field (6:40a)-
(1) juv. Cooper's hawk (local)
(12) Killdeer (new high count for me there)
9/29, Peck's Mill Pond (6:50-7:40a)-
(2) DC Cormorants
(4) Wood Ducks
(1) Great Blue Heron
(1) Green Heron (how long do they stay in CT???)
(2) Carolina Wrens
(3) Swamp Sparrows
(2) White-throated Sparrows
(20+) Waxwings
Lots and lots of blackbirds (90% Red-winged) were leaving and returning to the reeds in the middle of the pond.  I was watching some song sparrows in there when I noticed a Cooper's hawk eyeing the scene.  So, I switched my focus to her (had to be a female... very large) and noticed a flock of Waxwings coming my way from the SW.  Once the flock reached the opening over the pond, the hawk dove, seperated the flock, singled out a straggler, followed in hot pursuit.... to no avail.  She then returned to the same tree.
No more than 5-10 minutes later, a flock of Starlings came in from the same direction.  Again... she dove, seperated, followed... and missed.  She did this one more time before finally snagging a Starling mid-flight.  Very neat to watch.  Practice makes perfect!
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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