[CT Birds] Glastonbury Meadows

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Tue Sep 29 18:44:44 EDT 2009

The easiest way for you to get to the meadows from East Hampton is to go to 
 Hartford and take I-91 south.  Take exit 24 (Google says that's Rt 99) the 
 Silas Deane Highway, and go south.  Look for  signs for Rt 160 and the  
Rocky Hill Ferry (on the left).  Follow that road to the ferry entrance and  
continue on by it.  In a 100 yards or so you will go through an open gate  
and onto a dirt road.  You are now entering the Meadows.  Once you  come out 
of the wooded area birds can be seen in any of the fields at times, but  the 
shore birds are usually seen in the fields that face the river.  Keep  going 
until you have to take a hard right and you will be on that road.   Watch 
out for trucks and equipment and close your windows when something goes by  
you because of the dust.
For those who may want to go there from the south you can follow the  
directions above or take exit 23 off of  I-91 and follow the signs for the  
ferry.  When you get to the Silas Deane, turn left and look for the ferry  
signs/Rt 160 on the right.
Don Morgan

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