[CT Birds] Hammo/Lark Sparrow

Gedney gedney at cshore.com
Tue Sep 29 21:02:19 EDT 2009

>From Rick Gedney (with a little help from Dr. Noble Proctor):

9/29 TUE  - Hammonasset State Park - 2:15 PM
Lark Sparrow continues in area behind nature center.  There was both a stiff wind off the sound and mowing activity at the park.  The Lark Sparrow held to the un-mowed fringe to the rear of the nature center in the area of the small amphitheater.  It was in the company of  Savannah Sparrows with a few Song Sparrows moving from the brush to the grass.  Great looks. 
Also notable was a Red-tailed Hawk ground feeding after the mower went through some higher grass to the east of Willard Island parking lot.  Hawk was pouncing and hopping - perhaps to scare up some prey dislodged by the mowing.  Also notable were many Tree Swallows,  3 Merlin, and 1 Northern Harrier (possible imm. male -), 8+ Eastern Phoebe. Overall birdy despite high wind. 
Hammo - 9-26 SAT  Willard's Island Trail - 28+ Eastern Phoebe flycatcher, 1 Osprey (getting scarcer).

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