[CT Birds] Stratford yard

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 1 07:47:31 EDT 2009

10/1, Stratford yard (7:30a)-
Last night, around 9:30-10p, I heard several night flight calls and thought maybe this morn might be a good time to take a peak at the wood edges.  I only did a once over, but I got a few birds.
(3) GC Kinglets (first for me since Spring)
(1) RC Kinglet
(2) Yellow-rumped Warblers
(1) RT Hummer at my Hibiscus bush (first in almost a week)
I also had a flock of 4 Canada geese fly over which had smaller ssps in with it.  It was 2nd in line, quite obviously smaller than the others.  It's wingbeats weren't in tune with the others either...  they mere quicker.  
The flock flew from E to W.
Other fly-overs were a flock of 12+ Cormorants, and 2 seperate flocks of what I think may have been Brant. Bigger than Mallards, smaller than CanGos, flying in a disheveld 'V' very fast and not too high up.  These were moving NW to SE.
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT 		 	   		  
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