[CT Birds] Migartion window tonight

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 2 11:25:34 EDT 2009

My Mystic yard was hopping with migrants this morning, about 50 birds at 6:40am.  A few birds were in every tree in the yard and many birds were working the woodland edge - all moving north and nothwest.  Unfortunately I had to leave for work before it was even fully light.  I would think this boded well for Bluff Point today.

Glenn Williams

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> Subject: [CT Birds] Migartion window tonight
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> Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009, 3:28 PM
> Guessing when migrants move into CT
> and when to expect a good morning is half science and half
> black magic. Having said that I'm intrigued by the weather
> forecast for tonight with northerly winds throughout the
> darkness hours sandwiched between cloudy skies and wrong
> winds. It may afford a nice morning tomorrow with numbers of
> new birds around or it may not, much depends upon the
> accuracy of the forecast. A slight deviation will likely
> have a significant negative impact for CT.  While the
> passage of a strong cold front with resulting cold clear
> skies following typically produces the largest movement,
> sometimes brief windows such as tonight can produce locally
> very good numbers and good species. If one believes the
> weather forecast (if it's on the internet it must be true
> n'est-ce pas?) the next big movement nights will be Sunday
> night and Monday night.
> Passing this on from John Philip and Mary Gardner who
> walked Bluff Point in Groton around 2:30 this afternoon;
> "After a slow but steady start along the northern leg of
> the trip through the hot corner, we ran into a huge mixed
> flock coming back on the south leg, starting with the grassy
> clearing ringed by young birches and finally getting lost in
> the thicket of birches, cherries and bittersweet. The mixed
> flock was so big and moving so quickly that I id'd maybe 3
> out of (every) 150-200 birds (If you've experienced this
> phenomena at Bluff or a mixed flock in the tropics you know
> how fast these birds can get past you - DFP comment), but
> here's what I know I saw:
> Blackpolls (numerous)
> Bt blues (6-7)
> Bt green (2)
> Magnolia (1)
> Palm (1)
> N parula (1)
> Yellow-rumped (1)
> A redstart (1)
> Peewee (2)"
> Dave Provencher
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