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Fri Oct 2 11:40:38 EDT 2009

Hammonassett State Park, Madison   10/2
Is it early for a Snow Goose?  Standing on the high point  on the Moraine 
Trail, I viewed a large, chunky white bird with distinct wide  black primaries
flying from my left to right (east to west?) over the water,  paralleling 
the coastline.
Along the beginning ofMoraine trail were catbirds,  mockingbirds, and I 
viewed 3 Cormorants.
Walking between the 2 ponds were 10 savannah sparrows, song  sparrows, 1 
yellow rumped warbler, 2 Eastern Phoebes.  In the pond closest  to the nature 
center were 9 Great egrets, 6 American black ducks.
Behind nature center were numerous house finches,  song  & savannah 
sparrows; parking lot had  a killdeer and several kite  fliers (humans) and driving 
out were crows, house finches and blue  jays.
Beverly Propen

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