[CT Birds] Connor's Lane fields, Stratford

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 2 11:46:07 EDT 2009

10/2, Garden/fields on either side of Connors Lane in Stratford (across from the Bunnell High School entrance) 
(5) Palm Warblers (including one 'Western')
(2) Blackpoll Warblers (ad. male and VERY yellow 1st winter)
(3) Yellow-rumped Warblers
(6-7) Savannah Sparrows
(5+) Song Sparrows
(2) Swamp Sparrow
(1) Lincoln's Sparrow 
(2) Indigo Buntings
(1) American Kestrel bothering the (quite obnoxious) Monk parakeets
Also about 2 dozen parakeets, several Goldfinches, a few House finches, one Carolina and 3 House wrens, and a curious bunny.
I'm not 100% sure what is public and what is private, if anything.  So I birded from the parking lot and sidewalks.  I parked on the side street just before the Bunnell entrance.
The majority of the warblers were in the large conifer in the parking lot, and the deciduous trees behind the building.  The 'western' palm was amazingly drab with a very pale (almost white) supercillium, and was on the ground with one other Palm.
(Thanks for the heads up, Frank!  Nice birdy spot.)

-Brian Webster- 		 	   		  
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