[CT Birds] Wheatear, 4:30 PM, Bradley Airport, 10/2, Dickcissel at Stratford

MResch8702 at aol.com MResch8702 at aol.com
Fri Oct 2 19:51:14 EDT 2009

The Wheatear was visible at the Bradley Airport at 4:30 today (10/2) just  
inside the airport fence at the BAX Global building.  BAX is next door to  
the FedEx building along the western edge of the airport.  When I first  
arrived the bird was not visible.  Then soon after I arrived a worker at  BAX 
came out to inquire why I was there.  I'm glad he came out because he  spotted 
the bird before I did when the Wheatear flew in to perch on a sign just  30 
feet away.  A loud noise then chased the bird over to perch on the top  of 
a tree - I've never seen a Wheatear on a tree before.  (many thanks to  
Rollin Tebbetts for finding it)
Also the Dickcissel was still present in the weeds behind the Deluca  
Ballfield along Main St.in Stratford at about 2 PM (thanks Frank Mantlik for the  
great directions!) 
>From Mike Resch:
10/01/09 - Stratford, Main St, behind Deluca ballfield  -- 2 pm, DICKCISSEL,
Bradley Airport - WHEATEAR, 4:30 PM, just inside the airport fence at the  
BAX Global building
Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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