[CT Birds] Bluff Point Warbler ID

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Re:  John's question - Blackpoll or Bay Breasted?
I vote for first fall female Blackpoll.  I'd feel better about my  guess if 
the bird's rump wasn't obscured by the branch, though!
Thanks for the question.  I'm sure you'll hear from lots more  experienced 
birders than I.
Andy Thiede
Berlin, CT
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Subject: [CT Birds] Bluff Point Warbler ID
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Bluff Point, Groton: ?10/2/09 3:00 - 5:00  PM?? I thought I'd try Bluff 
Point in the afternoon, since so many warblers had  been reported in the 
morning and presumably some would still be there.? They  were.? Many warblers, 
although most, except for the tame Black-throated Blues,  were high in the 
trees and?difficult to photograph. There were many Blackpolls  like the photo on 
the left, but the bird on the right looked different.? The  question is, is 
it a Bay-breasted, or just another Blackpoll?? I am hoping for  at least 
six opinions. Thanks  all.


John  Schwarz

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