[CT Birds] Lighthouse Park 10/4 Lincoln's Sparrow, Blue Grosbeak, Red-headed Woodpecker

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 4 20:28:48 EDT 2009

After a 6 or 7 year personal drought, I finally found a Lincoln's Sparrow, seen well and contrasted with at least 2 immature Swamp Sparrows (ie, rounder shaped body, much more diffuse streaking on chest and flanks, etc.).  I was so caught up with the observation that I gave less attention to a tail-flicking, ground-loving, phoebe-sized, huge conical-billed, tawny wing covert-striped "indigo bunting".   The immature Blue Grosbeak and Lincoln's Sparrow were in the brushy area and Japanese Knotweed directly across from the butterfly garden. They were in with many other birds including song sparrows and common yellowthroats.  Mid morning efforts to relocate them, were unsuccessful; few birds remained in the area.  
At the hawkwatch site we observed an adult Red-headed Woodpecker atop the Oaks and flying in the park, intermittently for about 20 minutes.  Also, 2 Gr Yellowlegs, 18 Am Pipit, 80 Tree Swallow, 66 C Waxwing, 3 Palm Warbler, 2 Warbler sp., 6 Am Goldfinch, 3+ Bobolink, 240 Blue Jay (migrated west), 20 C Grackle, 70 Am Robin, 1 RT Hummingbird, 4 C Nighthawk. 
The 66 Diurnal raptors today included an immature Bald Eagle and 2 Peregrines.  Tomorrow should produce more raptors.  
Steve Mayo
10/5 New Haven, Lighthouse Park:

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