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Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 6 19:41:09 EDT 2009

At the risk of overlapping with Dave, here are some of my numbers from Bluff Point this morning.  Dave (with better ears than mine) also had hermit thrush, Swainson's thrush, (I think) a couple of pipits, and maybe something else that I've forgotten:

>From Chris Elphick, Dave Provencher, Alyssa Borowske, and ~10 others
10/6/09, Bluff Pt, Groton:  450-500 warblers of 12 species, nice mix of other mid-season migrants.

Sharp-shinned Hawk     1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     4
Northern Flicker     20
Eastern Wood-Pewee     2
Eastern Phoebe     30
Blue-headed Vireo     3
Red-eyed Vireo     10
Blue Jay     40
House Wren     2
Golden-crowned Kinglet     6
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     9
American Robin     40
Brown Thrasher     1
Tennessee Warbler     1
Nashville Warbler     4
Northern Parula     17
Magnolia Warbler     4
Black-throated Blue Warbler     9
Yellow-rumped Warbler     150
Black-throated Green Warbler     7
Palm Warbler     18 (pretty evenly split between Western & Yellow) 
Blackpoll Warbler     15
Black-and-white Warbler     5
American Redstart     4
Common Yellowthroat     6
warbler sp.     215
Scarlet Tanager     7
Eastern Towhee     5
Baltimore Oriole     2

Chris Elphick

Storrs, CT

elphick at sbcglobal.net

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