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Tue Oct 6 19:41:25 EDT 2009

CT Birders -

After another busy rehab season I am finally having the time to do some bird watching and post to the list some news about  The Recovery Wing.

TRW is now officially Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary and also has a new mission statement which reads----- Dedicated to the conservation of migratory songbirds through education, rehabilitation, and preservation of their habitat. We also have a new web site www.mvssanctuary.org. Although for the next year the old address will still be useable.

Although I enjoyed the play on words with TRW I did not feel it reflected what the org was really about nor did the previous mission statement which focused on the rehabilitation of songbirds.

A large part of my efforts through the years has focused on education. I have the opportunity to educate every person who brings a bird for rehabilitation, whether it be on why they should keep their cat indoors, how to prevent window strikes, why they should not use chemicals on their lawns and gardens, etc...  I train newly licensed rehabilitators for DEP,  so that  they will have the knowledge to be able to release  viable, strong and healthy birds that will go on to survive their first winter and reproduce the following breeding season. In addition; I teach at national and international wildlife rehabilitation conferences as well.

I also give a presentation called Supporting CT's Migratory Songbirds Through Rehabilitation, Reducing Negative Impacts and Bird Scaping.  I am scheduled to give this presentation around CT this fall and winter season and anyone interested in attending can check our website for locations, or if interested in having me come speak can contact me through the web site as well.

I  will continue to enhance our 41/2 acres to provide  food, cover, and nesting sites to as many species as I can with focus on specific species  including  c.swift,  b.swallow, blue winged warbler, b.thrasher, a.woodcock and  e.towhee to name a few. It has broken my heart to see these birds  disappearing in front of my eyes. I can remember having brown thrashers coming for mealworms on the patio with fledglings all around. This is the first year I did not observe one bird during Spring or Summer and it was very discouraging as they nested here for most of the 17 years we have been here, until the last few years where there was no nesting but I was still seeing or hearing the birds.

As far as birds in the area much the same as what everyone else is seeing warblers no big wave for me highlights were an adorable black and white warbler who came to the waterfall for a drink, and a chestnut sided warbler who spent an afternoon foraging in the side garden, on the ground,  in shrubs, and even fly catching.

Other notable birds include -

Pileated woodpecker - male , calling drumming and excavating large chunks of a  very old sugar maple
Yellow rumps
Catbirds - still around
Chipping sparrows- 50+
Swamp sparrows
White throated sparrows
Song sparrows
Merlin  - came through like a bullet
Red shouldered hawk - pestering red tail today

Jayne Amico/Southington

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