[CT Birds] Probable Le Conte's Sparrow

Bill Asteriades Asterbunch at cox.net
Fri Oct 9 11:26:27 EDT 2009

>From Bill Asteriades and Rick Macsuga:
10/09/09 - South Windsor, Strong Road -- 1 probable LE CONTE'S SPARROW and 2 VESPER SPARROW.  The probable Le Conte's was feeding at 9:45 AM in rain-soaked high grass and cornstalks on the left or south side of the road just past the woods (approximately 20 feet from the main road and about 100 yards from the woods, which you pass while driving on Strong Road).  More specifically, it was located between the two corn fields where high grass can be noted.  

Field marks noted are as follows: 5 - 5 1/2" sparrow with yellow-buff and fine black streaks in flanks and breast and a whitish lower belly.  The eye brow and lower part of the side of the head was a yellow-buff and a median crown strip was noted.  The back and wings were bright overall with some black streaking.  The bird was quite secretive and was seen running or hopping in the grass and cornfield.  We observed the bird for approximately 1 minute before it hopped deeper into the corn field. 

There was significant number of other sparrow species noted as follows: Chipping, White-Crowned, White-Throat, Lincoln's, Savannah, Song and Swamp.  There was a rather large rush of sparrows observed within 30 minutes.   

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