[CT Birds] Sherwood Island-Dickcissel and Orange-crowned Warbler

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Fri Oct 9 12:58:04 EDT 2009

10/9-10:15-11:15 (before the poring rain started!)
Sherwood Island SP-East Beach Brush Dump
1 Dickcissel-Acting very elusive probably because of the light drizzle  
(soon-to-be shower) and wind-Tomorrow this bird will probably be  
easier to see
4 Eastern Phoebe
1 Female Indigo Bunting
3 Lincoln's Sparrow
1 White-crowned Sparrow
1 Blue-headed Vireo
2 Osprey
4 Swamp Sparrow
12 Savannah Sparrow

1 Orange-crowned Warbler-In Trees Near Main Parking Lot
7 Palm Warbler
1 American Kestrel

 From Alex Burdo
10/8/09 -- Westport, Sherwood Island SP -- 1 Adult ORANGE-CROWNED  
WARBLER in the trees near the Main Parking Lot

 From Alex Burdo
10/9/09 -- Westport, Sherwood Island SP -- 1 DICKCISSEL, 1 Indigo  
Bunting, 3 Lincoln's Sparrows, 1 White-crowned Sparrow, 1 Blue-headed  
Vireo at the brush dump at East Beach

Some nice bird numbers! Hopefully this storm will blow some stuff in  
and force the Dickcissel to stick around!

Alex Burdo

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