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Bird Watcher's Digest coordinates the event these days.  This year's Sit! is
on this Sunday.  You can organize your own circle or join another's.

The rules are....
The Rules of Play:
Observations can be made from any area within the state/country you live, or
wish to represent. 
Observations can only be made from within your pre-determined 17-foot
(diameter) circle. 
There's no limit to how many people can occupy one circle (other than the
obvious spatial limitations). Bring some chairs. Have a picnic or barbeque.
Welcome passers-by and their contributions to your list. 
If a bird is seen or heard from within the circle but is too distant to
identify, the circle can be left to get a closer look/listen to confirm the
bird's identity. However, any new bird species seen or heard while
confirming the original, can't be counted unless it's seen or heard from an
"anchor" who stayed behind in your circle, or is seen by you when you return
to your circle. 
Tally the number of species that you observe. 
Big Sit participants can work in shifts. No one person needs to be there
throughout the whole Big Sit! The area can be left and returned to as
frequently as desired, but you must be sure to return to the exact 17-foot
diameter circle each time. 
The same circle must be used for the entire Big Sit! 
The Big Sit! will begin at 12:00am midnight and end 24 hours later. 

Full details can be found on the BWD website.....


John Triana

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Hi all. Can someone repost the info on the big sit and how its done what
time to start ect. I lost that post! Lisa thanks!
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