[CT Birds] Stratford bitterns, sparrows fallout, etc. 10/9

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 10 06:14:52 EDT 2009

I birded much of the day, 10/9, in Stratford, tallying 81 species, and encountered huge flocks of sparrows (totalling 600 savannah, 200 swamp, 200 song) everywhere, as well as 40 E. Phoebes, 20 r-c Kinglets, lots of yellow-rumped and palm warblers, 4 species of wrens, 9 species of sparrows, but no black-bellied plovers nor any Catharus thrushes!  Here's the highlights:

-McKinney Refuge (with Scott Kruitbosch):  2 AMERICAN BITTERNS (end of RR trail), 1 WINTER WREN, 1 NELSON'S SPARROW, 4 yellow-crowned night herons, 9 wood ducks, 10 green-winged teal, 3 Am. wigeon, 3 y-b sapsuckers, 1 COMMON RAVEN, 1 white-crowned sparrow.

-Deluca Ballfield (behind): 1Lincoln's sparrow, 3 indigo bunting, 2 sapsuckers.

-Stratford Point: 26 green-winged teal, 1 ad male surf scoter.

-Short Beach:  1 common loon, 5 Am. oystercatchers, 120 sanderling, 10 dunlin, 12 Am. wigeon (migrating west), 8 yellow-crowned night herons, 3 black-crowned night herons.

-Stratford Marina:  70 greater yellowlegs, 6 lesser yellowlegs, 1 dowitcher sp. (sleeping adult), 24 yellow-crowned night herons.

-Wooster Park Pond: 1 hooded merganser, 2 wood ducks, 2 green-winged teal.

-Community Garden (Connors Lane): 1 Lincoln's sparrow.

Frank Mantlik

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