[CT Birds] Where have they gone?

Pat Dufour patdufour at worldnet.att.net
Sat Oct 10 22:34:24 EDT 2009

Here in East Hampton on the Marlborough corner of town, I have posted the same strange thing.  Sunflower seeds are sprouting instead of being eaten.  I had a large raptor stop by and eat something white ( could have been a squirrel's underbelly) but when I reached for the binoculars, it took off.  I know that it probably wasn't an eagle ( but it did have white on the back of the head) even though at about 20 feet away it sure looked awfully big.  This was after the owl and a high flying raptor about a week before this episode.  I have had a few tufted Titmouse and gold finches and a good number of downy woodpeckers and wb nuthatches.  I also have seen my local female cardinal but not the male lately.

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