[CT Birds] Litchfield Big Sit @ Little Pond

David Tripp jr dtrippjr at comcast.net
Sun Oct 11 19:09:15 EDT 2009

Dave Tripp & Fran Zygmont  0400-1100 (Unofficial total 63sp) waiting  
to hear from the evening crew.

Predawn highlights : Four owl species, 1 Gray-Cheeked, 1 Swainson's, 5  
Hermit Thrushes, Virginia Rail, American Woodcock.
Morning highlights: Our best year for numbers of raptors, Northern  
Harrier, 4 Merlins, 3 American Kestrels, 10 Sharp-shinned and 1  
Cooper's Hawk. Female Northern Pintail, 2 Hooded Mergansers, Blue- 
headed Vireo, swallow sp.

It is hard to believe that we missed a lot of "common" birds for us  
e.g. Tufted Titmouse, Junco, Common Grackle, Eastern Phoebe and  

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