[CT Birds] Extralimital: BROWN-CHESTED MARTIN @ Cumberland Farms, Massachusetts

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As others have posted on our behalf, Jeremiah Trimble, Matt Garvey,
and I were stunned to have a Brown-chested Martin (an austral migrant
from South America) fly past us at Cumbies this morning. We first saw
it at 10:00 sharp and lost it quickly, but Jeremiah redound it at
10:20 and 10 of us had prolonged point blank views.

Jeremiah and others got great photos (see
www.flickr.com/photos/jrtrimble/ for an early example from the field.
More to follow.

It spent most of its time feeding over the field east of the entrance
road heading to the compost piles. At about 11:00 it climbed high to
the south -- we are waiting for its reappearance. It could be anywhere
at Cumbies now. Other swallows in the area would have been the
highlights had the Martin not been here-- 1-2 Bank, 1 dull Cliff, a
Barn, and ~200 Tree.

There are about -- the first was a Monomiy bird in June, with other
records including Nov 1997 at Cape May NJ, a Florida and a Connecticut
sight record, and a recent Arizona photo from Patagonia Lake. So
potentially a 6th USA record!

It appears to be a juvenile of the tapera suspecies, with a row of
black dots down the central belly.

I'd imagine mid-day would be a tough time to refind this bird, but the
evening (4:00 to 6:00) could be productive.

Good luck to all that look for it!


Marshall Iliff

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