[CT Birds] MASS Brown-chested Martin - vagrant Heads-up!

Julian Hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Mon Oct 12 20:38:14 EDT 2009

With the discovery of a BROWN-CHESTED MARTIN in Mass, it's a timely reminder 
and a fall "primer" to those at CT at migration spots, notably hawkwatches, 
to not dismiss any bird that appears to be a "late" Purple Martin. 
Brown-chested Martin is on the CT list -  a lone observer sighting at Groton 
Airport on 1 July 2006 which represents one of only a handful of North 
American records.

Any Purple Martin-like bird at this time of year should be scrutinized since 
it's likely to NOT be one !Spots such as Lighthouse Point that has a big 
diurnal movement of birds is a likely place to keep an eye out for such a 
bird. The Mass bird is likely to move south after the next cold-front with 
the hirundines and could possibly use CT airspace.

This could be a slim (really slim!) chance for us to get one back on Szantyr

We're all primed for Cave Swallows in the North-east now, but other species 
such as Violet Green Swallow, a vagrant from the West (not yet recorded in 
CT) is another species that should be kept in mind when combing through the 

Rarity season 'tis upon us....

Julian Hough,
jrhough1 at snet.net


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