[CT Birds] Back yard feeders

weatherwizard at comcast.net weatherwizard at comcast.net
Tue Oct 13 05:47:42 EDT 2009

I live in Deep River, and in my backyard is a 1-2' tidal tributary to the Connecticut River. I have read the fact that many are reporting their feeders quiet, but have to say mine are thriving. It seems the cardinals have had a banner breeding year around me, as I have as many as 8 coming, as well as many titmice,blackcapped chickadees,gold finches,purplr finches (although I noticed some with conjuntivitis), and I wash and clean feeders very frequently, and haven't noticed as many lately, but no "sick" ones for quite sometime. There was several that spent the night on my deck in a hanging fake flower basket, because they were weak, so I put them in there as I noticed they would not leave the deck, too weak. I have many downy wookpeckers, and immature redbellied woodpeckers, just starting to get the red on their heads, as well as a pair of adults, a few robibn's still hanging around, many sparrows, 2 resident woodchucks, and a pair of skunks that come everynight right at dusk to eat the seeds that fall to the ground. I have a great blue heron that sits by the small waterfalls and fishes regularly, as well as an occasional cormorant, which I watched dart across to the otherside an snare an unsuspecting 4" blue gill. Overall, I'd say the birds are plentiful here, so if anyone is worried about the bird population, keep the faith, they must just be eating what nature provides for now, and they will be back soon. 

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