[CT Birds] 10/12 Harkness SP sparows etc.

Sailcarm at aol.com Sailcarm at aol.com
Tue Oct 13 08:07:26 EDT 2009

10/12  -- I should have sent this in yesterday.  Just a reminder  for those 
in southeastern CT: Harkness SP is awash in sparrows right  now.  Wish I 
had had more time to spend there yesterday.  The areas  where I did some 
birding yesterday were the Niering Natural Area Preserve (east  side of park) and 
the greenhouse area with its adjacent dirt mounds (west side  of park). 
large numbers of song, savannah, white-throated, and swamp  sparrow
1 field sparrow
1 hermit thrush
many yellow-rumped warblers
1 palm warbler
many e. phoebes
4 juncos
1  e. towhee
1 red-tailed hawk on one of the osprey platforms
1 broad-winged hawk (Is that a bit unusual down here at this time of the  
2 red-shouldered hawks
still several catbirds and mockingbirds hanging around and it was nice to  
see my first juncos of the year.
And a final reminder that on Oct. 12 of last year I had a lark  sparrow 
near the dirt mounds, but no luck yesterday.  
Carolyn Cimino

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