[CT Birds] Sick finches

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Tue Oct 13 13:08:29 EDT 2009

If the sick finches can be picked up then I strongly urge you to contact a rehabilitator who can very easily treat the disease. Although the conjunctivitis does not look that disabling, (although it certainly can inhibit the birds ability to see if well advanced), the birds actually have a bacterial/respiratory infection with conjunctivitis being secondary to it. They are very, very sick and can be in most cases easily treated and released again. It is very contagious and removing the birds will help reduce the spread.

Jayne Amico/Southington

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 (although I noticed some with conjuntivitis), and I wash and clean feeders very frequently, and haven't noticed as many lately, but no "sick" ones for quite sometime. There was several that spent the night on my deck in a hanging fake flower basket, because they were weak, so I put them in there as I noticed they would not leave the deck, too weak.

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