[CT Birds] Withdrawing my call on Swainson's Hawk

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Wed Oct 14 19:20:06 EDT 2009

I wish that I had not spoken so soon after we observed that possible  
juvenile Swainson's Hawk at Boothe Park, because I feel that was all that  it was 
- a possible Swainson's Hawk.  The profile looked good for one,  but I am 
not convinced.  Even though I was looking through a scope,  the bird was a 
long way out in less than great light.  If I am going to  call that one, I 
want to be 100% sure and I am not. 
Scott and Brian agreed with me on the shape of the bird, but I had the only 
 scope and I am not so sure of the plumage details as I want/need to be.  
It  is my bad, because I told Scott and Brian at the time that I 
thought it was a Swainson's Hawk based upon what I could see of plumage  
through the scope, as well as the long, rather narrow wing which we all noted 
as  the bird soared in circles next to a Red-tailed Hawk.  More reflection  
makes me less and less certain though. 
Glumly yours, 
Charlie Barnard

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