[CT Birds] vesper sparrow--tern

eyeflight16 at optonline.net eyeflight16 at optonline.net
Sat Oct 17 09:27:54 EDT 2009

Penfield Reef, Fairfield, 10/17----1 Vesper Sparrow (lifer!) feeding with one Savannah Sparrow in the dune grass immediatly to the right of you looking out of the sound. Also, a strange tern flew by. It was either a common or an arctic. I'm leaning towards common, but I didn't get  good enough look at it to know for sure. I have not seen a tern here of any kind for more than a month, so I don't know. It was flying west.

Also, the mysterious accipeter was just a Cooper's Hawk. Thanks to those who replied! 

James Randall

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