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Sat Oct 17 10:43:24 EDT 2009

Wow, what a fallout this morning in my yard here in Harwinton!

At 9:30, I noticed over 20 BLUEBIRDS eating from my ripe Poke berries. They were also flying to all my bird boxes as well. I wonder if they will spend the cold night together in some of them. Also; the back yard was bursting with birds! Many GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLET in the trees with 8 PURPLE FINCH, 1 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH and 6 YELLOW RUMP WARBLER, probably more. Most were in a large old Red Cedar tree, another magnet this time of year for birds.
 Note: It is also a bird magnet to not rake your leaves off the grass till the end, cuz in this mess of grass and their seeds, covered with fallen leaves was a bananza of birds. I assume they feel safer amongst the fallen leaves, for they surely blend in so well. I counted over 50 CHIPPING SPARROW with a beautiful CLAY-COLORED SPARROW within. The lawn near the back woods contained at least 20 WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, 12 JUNCO and 4 PALM WARBLER. My overgrown vegetable garden was also awash with birds eating from the weeds. There were many of the same birds as mentioned above plus 12 GOLDFINCH eating from the tall sunflower heads. Saw a HERMIT THRUSH within the perimeter weeds and bushes with many other Sparrows as well. Was great to be busy once again looking at all the bird activity all around.

Paul Carrier

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