[CT Birds] Godwit & Geese

Mark Barriger mark8bud8 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 17 16:33:04 EDT 2009

Hey all,

after my Dad's phone call I drove down to check out the Godwit. Along with about a dozen others we were treated to outstanding views of this bird. At one point it just tucked it's head back and chilled out for a while. Because of two sick kids in the car thats all the birding I had planned for the day until my Dad called again to report two Immature Greater White-fronted Geese in Wallingford off of Whirlwind Hill Rd. When I saw these Geese they were in the field right before the road takes a sharp left towards Pistapaug Pond. 


If interested click the flickr link to see a few of todays pictures.

Mark Barriger
Cheshire, CT
Mark8bud8 at hotmail.com

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