[CT Birds] Lighthouse Park Sunday 10/17 (389 Hawks)

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 17 18:12:13 EDT 2009

Forecast for today was NE winds at 13 mph, pouring rain, and about 10 hawks.  
Instead, it turned out to be NE at 13 mph, cloudy and no rain, and 389 raptors including a second-for-the-season Northern Goshawk, 4 more Bald Eagles, 201 Sharpies, and 50 Red-tailed Hawks.  
Park birds and migrants included about 8 loons, 25 Brant, 6 GB Heron, 30 Palm Warblers, 35 Am Pipits, 16 E Bluebirds, 120 Am Robin, 85 Blue Jay, 1 LINCOLN'S SPARROW (in the Japanese Knotweed over in the Locust woods), et multi al.  
Compilers Steve Mayo and Don Morgan thank the many observers and visitors including Dori Sosensky, Rene Baade, Arne (Orvar) Rosengren, Lynn James, Julian Hough, Nick Bonomo, Roy Harvey, Cynthia and Gabriel Glinick.

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