[CT Birds] hummingbird (species?) at feeder this morning/now

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 18 12:47:37 EDT 2009

>From Frank & Linda Mantlik
10/18 Stratford home feeder - Hummingbird (species?) visiting feeder this morning. We're obtaining views and photos of the bird which comes in every 15-20 minutes.  Several birders recently arrived, and we're studying it to try to ID it.  It may just be a Ruby-throated; but may be something rare (we're considering Costa's).
In brief:  Green back with some gold-green feathers, gray-green rump and crown.  In most views, wing length is as long or longer than tail.  In some views, there seems to be a pale supercilium and lores, in addition to a prominent white spot behind the eye. underside is pretty cleanly white,with a pale gray on the flanks but with no warm orange nor buffy tones.
We're trying to study the shape of the primaries as well.
I'll try to post photos later tonight for your consideration.

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