[CT Birds] Odd Characteristic of Hudsonian Godwit

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I have seen what Roy is talking about in hummers.  This summer I  photograp=
hed a hummer with the tip of it's bill opened.  I wasn't sure why it was op=
en=2C or why it would need to be able to.
Then I noticed that it was in fact eating aphids from the Hibiscus blooms m=
ore often than feeding on the nectar.  I concluded to myself that the openi=
ng of the bill must be for the eating of the insects.
This year was my first really being able to study hummers=2C as several fre=
quented my feeders this year.  I was suprised to see how horizontally broad=
 their bills are at the base.  I never realized that.  It was also neat to =
see the translucent tongue slurped in and out when one perched after a long=
Link to the photo below:
-Brian Webster-
Stratford=2C CT
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> --- On Tue=2C 10/20/09=2C Chris Elphick wrote:
>> .... this is really Margaret Rubega's
>> area of expertize)....
>> .... Margaret's former student who did a lot of
>> high-speed video work with hummingbirds also has film of it
>> in various hummers.....
> That student did a fascinating presentation to the New Haven Bird Club on=
 his work=2C one of the most memorable I have attended. He was studying how=
 hummingbirds catch very small flying insects=2C and the flexing of the bil=
l tip was part of it.
> Roy Harvey
> Beacon Falls=2C CT
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