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Tue Oct 20 12:18:27 EDT 2009

Yesterday afternoon, went to Bakersville swamp and saw 2 Song Sparrows.This morning i went there and saw the following:

I saw the largest fall out of Sparrows i have ever seen here.

Uncountable Song and White-throated Sparrows everywhere!
They were feeding along both edges of the road. Also were:
 12 Swamp
 2 Lincoln's
1 White-crowned

In the swamp were:
2 Redwing Blackbird
Many Waxwing
1 Ad GOSHAWK being harassed by crows above.
Countless Robins both sides of rd
2 Raven - they nest here.

Of interest: There are two White pine trees at the swamp edge loaded with cones. In them, feeding from the cones were:
12 Goldfinch
1 Red-breasted Nuthatch
3 Purple finch
4 BC Chickadee - all eating cone seeds.
also Goldfinch were eating Maple tree buds.
 never saw this in the fall.

On dirt Rd near swamp were:
Countless White-throated Sparrows - esp by stream
20 plus junco.

On Carpenter Rd by the corn field eating within the
 Goldenrod were:
Countless Chipping Sparrows. To many to count. They were also in the trees and rd edge.

Nepaug State forest
On power line: quarter mile walk in - 
Once again, countless White-throated Sparrows everywhere.
6 Red-breasted Nuthatch - they do nest here.
40 Junco - they also nest here.
1 Brown Creeper, nest here.
and one BOBCAT.

Paul Carrier

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