[CT Birds] LHP 10-20-09

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Tue Oct 20 17:50:51 EDT 2009

The real good run of hawks ended toway at Lighthouse with a total of 39 Counted. The bright side of all this is that early in the day there was a good cloud cover for the passerine flight.

Osprey... 1

Northern Harrier... 2

Sharp-shinned Hawk... 22

Cooper's Hawk... 9

American Kestrel... 1

Merlin... 4

Total... 39

Other birds of note:

Red-winged Blackbirds... 950

American Robin... 535

Blue Jay... 200

Cedar Waxwing... 150

Tree Swallow... 140

House Finch... 130

Red-throated Loon... 1

Canada Goose... 43

The surprise and totally unexpected bird of the day was the appearance of a POSSIBLE VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW, that perched up on the wire, just above where we all park the cars during the Hawkwatch. There was no-one else at the site at 8:40 AM when the bird showed up, and the Swallow only sat for a minute. .

I wrote up and sketched what I saw and will be submitting my observations to the RRC shortly. Let's hope that someone down state will be able to find this bird again.

Bill Banks 

Bill Banks

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