[CT Birds] Hammo 10/19

Gedney gedney at cshore.com
Mon Oct 19 22:48:20 EDT 2009

>From Rick Gedney:

10/19 MON  - Hammonasset State Park - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
HUDSONIAN GODWIT  continues in rain pools at west end of park. Great looks as it wandered within 20' of my car while feeding.  Bird was eating voraciously on invertebrates in grass at edge of pool often scoring a bug every 5-10 seconds for minutes.  Quick probing very much like dowitcher. 

East end of park yielded some good birds as well as flood high tides pushed some species onto edge of marsh and into flooded grass.  Rail gave decent looks as it skulked and flushed edge of marsh.  I also had fleeting looks another possible rails including one that was smaller and darker.  Bittern flushed from marsh and landed in small marsh pool with blind south of Willard's parking lot.  Tried to relocate later with other birders and could not find. Dowitcher and Yellowlegs on flooded grass at edge of Willard parking area. Good push of Great Egrets.  Yellow-rumped Warblers and typ. sparrows sp. dominate passerines.

Clapper Rail (1) 
American Bittern (1) 
SB Dowitcher (1)
YL Sandpiper (8) 

Rail advice sought: The bird I saw was dark and decidedly bright rufous on the upper wing coverts.  What is the probability of King being in this SALT marsh? or Hybrid?

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